Your Numerical Solution to Your Sleeping Problems

The most important thing in a man’s life is sleep. All efforts at keeping one’s self healthy will be rendered futile if no adequate sleep is taken. This is the reason a lot of inventors do not cease to innovate beds to give mankind the best possible sleeping experience. And one of these inventions is the air bed sleep number feature of new beds now.

An air bed sleep number is a type of feature in which the person sleeping can make adjustments on the bed’s comfort. However, we need to define air bed first before delving into this feature. There are two basic t types of air beds. These are the guest beds for visitors and the ones that are used for permanent purposes. The permanent types is mostly used in RVs. The sized of air beds are almost similar to the standard sizes of beds that we all know. A twin bed runs 75 inches in length and 39 inches in width. A Full air bed has 75 inches in length and 54 inches in width. King sized air beds have 80 inches in length and 75 inches in width.

Air beds are usually laid on the floor. But recently, a new type of air beds was developed and this is called raised air bed. This is made so because some people who sleep wants to be elevated. The others are usually placed on a normal foundation used in other affordable mattresses. However, the material used for the foundation where the air bed is placed on should not pierce the air bed. Even if the air bed is made of durable material, what’s inside it is still air. It is hollow inside and therefore it is not durable as a normal mattress.

Now going back to the air bed sleep number, it is a setting that ranges from zero to 100. This is the channel that tells the bed what kind of comfort the person wants. Other than comfort, what may also be adjusted is the firmness of the bed. Many people develop bone problems because their beds are not or are not firm enough to support their weight. Now, technology has allowed the creation of beds that will adjust to the human form. This prevents people from having stiff necks whenever they wake up in the morning. If a person gets a good night’s sleep, he is much more rejuvenated. The rest is longer and deeper as opposed to tossing and turning at night. Needless to say, the person will not be all that grouchy.

All the parts of an air bed with the air bed sleep number feature are high end. The foam comfort pad is custom-crafted. This is to ensure that it matches what it is asked to perform in terms of firmness. Many if these beds also have dual air chambers to sustain the air that’s inside them. This is especially applicable to big beds like the king, queen, and California king sizes. Single air chamber is mostly applicable for twin, full, and queen beds.

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