Takara Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike

Got this bike early as promised. Packaged neatly and tightly. I come from NO biking history whatsoever and was able to assemble this bike with moderate ease. This bike is definitely an eye catcher and feels great. It’s super lightweight and has a comfy seat. The brakes are decent but you might want to change them if possible. As of right now, I am trying this bike out on FREEWHEEL mode.

You can alternate by flipping the rear wheel to the opposite side to choose FIXED gear. Make sure to do your research on which is best for you and your environment. Anyways, this bike is fast, light, and comfortable and a bargain at only $181.50 with shipping! For reference, I am 5’4″ and chose the 54cm frame and it’s a joy to ride. It is a workout, even on freewheel mode. So why choose this Freewheel/Fixie bike? Comfort, portability (lightweight,) fast, good commuter, and perfect for just about anyone looking for a stylish bike. The color scheme is insanely gorgeous. The pics I will post don’t do this bike justice. Comes with a kickstand and front/rear reflectors.

P.S. I will give another review when I have broken this bike in and tried the fixed gear as well as add new customized gadgets to this bike. Enjoy!!

This bike also has reflectors on the pedals. The pedals color matches the blue tone of the front tire. Also, the handle grips are extremely comfortable for longer riding. A lot of attention was given to this bike during the creation of this bike. It’s seriously beautiful and comfortable. I’m trying to give you the most detailed review so hopefully it can help everyone interested in this bike. I am posting picures to hopefully help all of you even more.

Editor's choice 2017
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