Super Multi Heads Sequin Embroidery Machine

This is the super multiple heads embroidery machine equipped with the advanced high speed sequin device. This series will overwhelmingly enhance your productivity with the up to 50 running heads.


10″ LCD Display
> 10″ LCD display facilitates easier operation and embroidery work management

Servo Motor Drives Main Shaft and Frame
> Adoption of servo motors to drive the main shaft and frame ensures the smooth running and superior fine stitches.

High Speed Sequin Device
> Equipped with unique high speed sequin devices, you can embroider various sizes sequin spangle from diameter 3mm to 9mm. Just change the sequin feeding slot with easy adjustment to achieve up to 800RPM sequin embroidery.

Less Vibration and Quieter Working
> With the newly developed strong bridge type chasis, vibration is much reduced, leading to less thread breakage and quiet, pleasant working condition.

Mass Memory (Extendable)
> Standard memory capacity : 2,000,000 stitches to store 99 designs. Extendable up to 10,000,000 stitches to store 200 designs.

Upper/Lower Thread Break Detection
> In case the upper/lower thread is broken, the machine stops and gives prompt to avoid the missing of stitches but guarantee the quality of embroidery works.

Satin Stitch Length Compensation
> The embroidery of satin stitches may sometimes differ in values, compared with original design data, depending on the condition of a very stretchy fabric. Satin stitch length can be increased or decreased for compensation with ease on the operation panel.

Frame Back / Forward
> Frame Back / Forward is available in units of stitches, color change or designated stitch count.

> With up to 50 running heads, production efficiency has been improved by decreasing downtime caused by fabric changes, thread trimming etc.

Embroidery Contour Trace Function

> This function moves only the frame on the contour of an embroidery design and helps you check if a design will fit in a designed embroidery space before sewing it. This will prevent needles from hitting the frame by mistake during the embroidery operation.

Automatic Upper/Lower Thread Trimming

> Upper or lower thread can be automatically trimmed by commands in the design data.

Power Failure Protection

> You can continue to operate the machine after power failure during embroidery without being annoyed by misproduction due to design displacement.




Head Interval

Embroidery Area (Per head/All heads) (MM)

Width×Depth (Max) (Alternate Width)

Continuous Design





165×1300 (330)






162.5×1300 (325)


? Stitch length:Ternary scale: 0.1-12.1mm, Binary scale: 0.1-12.7mm
★? Electricity:3-phase : 220/380V 50Hz 60Hz Single-phase : 200/220V 50Hz 60Hz
★? Speed:MAX. 850RMP
★? Motor:A/C Servo Motor×3

*The above are sample models, other head number, head interval and embroidery area could be available upon your personal request.
*The above specification might be modified according to necessary technical upgrade

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