Review of The Ariens Zoom 42 Zero Turn Riding Mower

Order the Ariens Zoom 42-Inch 16.5HP Riding Mower TodayI hate the Ariens Zoom 42 Zero Turn. I mean, who does Ariens think they are? Is it not good enough that they practically have the market buttoned up when it comes to residential zero turn riding mowers? Nope, that doesn’t satisfy them! Now they, actually Home Depot had to go and lower the price on the Ariens 16.5HP, 42-inch riding mower RIGHT after I bought something else.

The Nerve!

I don’t really hate the Ariens Zoom 42 zero turn. I actually love it. We (Jake and Clay) make our living renting riding mowers and other outdoor equipment as well as riding mower repair.

We were looking to replace one of our 42-inch zero turns a few months back and the only one Home Depot had available online was the carb compliant one for $500 more so we bought it instead. Now that Home Depot has the Ariens Zoom 42 back in stock online, the price is even lower than it was before. Double ouch.

One of the best zero turn riding mowers, if the property you are mowing has sharp turns and hilly terrains, is the Ariens Zoom 42 Zero Turn riding mower. This sturdy riding mower not only gives an exceptionally manicured lawn, it’s also an amazing value for the money. Especially now.

The deck size, 42-inches, is just about perfect for the normal zized lawns in our area. That is, unless you want it to fit through a garden gate. It won’t. You’d want the 34″ deck size for that. But for the typical lawn, anything bigger than 42-inches could scalp the lawn up.

What the Ariens Zoom 42 Zero Turn riding mower has over many of the residential zero turns on the market is it provides its growing client list a zero turn riding mower with a very small learning curve.

It’s easy to get used to driving a zero turn when you start on an Ariens.

Being one of the top rated zero turn riding mowers comes with some of the more obvious features. Of course the rider is constructed with a fully welded steel frame with fixed front axle… otherwise it’s long life and durability could be compromised. But, this zero turn also comes with a newly designed 42-inch Air Flow Optimization Deck.

With this new type of deck you’ll get improved cutting performance and a better flowing discharge of clippings and reduced clogging. With these features, as well as everything in the product description, it’s no wonder the Ariens Zoom 16.5HP zero turn continues to be tops in its class. I think for the average homeowner, and that’s most of us, one thing that’s a real pain when using a tractor type riding mower is that we have landscape to cut around.

The Ariens 42 Zero Turn, in many cases, eliminates us having to drag a push mower out to get around some of our landscaping.

Since we purchased the carb compliant Ariens 42″ model, many of our frequent clients tell me that they’ve sold or are donating the push mowers they used to use just to get around some of their landscape.

The only bad thing that I have found regarding the Ariens Zoom 42 Zero Turn riding mower is that, for my business, the deck may not last for years to come. It’s hard to control what other people may do to my mowers because I rent them out. I may be wrong, it may last forever. But, I’m certain if it was being used under normal homeowner circumstance, it would last for an exceptionally long time.

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