Big Ideas For A Small Bathroom Remodeling

Living with a small bathroom doesn’t have to be an inconvenience. If you’re planning a small bathroom renovation project, there are many things you can do to make a small space more comfortable and attractive. Here are some tips that, with a little effort and usually minimal investment in labor and money, can give you what you want.

It’s in the planning
You can do as my neighbor Pat did. She started out by collecting clips from magazines and catalogs, color swatches, window treatment – right down to the drawer pulls and faucets. You could tell that by the time she got down to sketching out the room, she knew how her new bathroom was going to look.

This preparation is important when working with a small bathroom design and remodeling project, you want to be sure you’re making best use of every square inch of space.

For Pat, one of the improvements she wanted to make was the elimination of the annoying wait for hot water to reach bathroom sink. For her the answer was a small hot water heater that would fit under the sink. These are very small water heating units that are easy to install in a bathroom vanity and provide instant hot water.

How it will look
While shopping for cabinets or fixtures, including towel bars, avoid the very dark or heavy pieces and opt, instead, for white or light wood colored cabinets and the lighter weight towel bars and accessories. They are much less likely to make a small space look weighed down.

Use soft or neutral colors. Paints and wallpapers in lighter colors will open up the space and give a feeling of more room. Woodwork and moldings painted to match the walls will also provide the illusion of space.

Remember that with any small bathroom fitting project, mirrors can do wonders for creating a feeling of space. Two mirrors placed opposite each other will give the illusion of a very large open space. Place a large mirror on the longest wall of your bathroom, where it can best reflect the most light Continue The Illusion

If you’re fortunate enough to have a window in your small bathroom, take advantage of the light. Windows, with little or no trim, such as a lace curtain or a valance, will allow for the most light and make your bathroom look larger.

Another solution might be to use mini-blinds that can be opened to let in the maximum amount of light or closed for privacy. Consider frosting your window instead of installing an actual window treatment. You will gain privacy without any loss of light.

Use scaled down fixtures when remodeling a small bathroom. Large chunky fixtures look out of place in a small bathroom. A pedestal sink is a nice option for a small bathroom though you may have to come up with new storage ideas. However, this might be as simple as placing a storage unit over the toilet. Also, if you don’t use your tub, consider replacing it with a new glass-enclosed shower stall.

When doing the hammer and saw part of this project is the time to take care of any plumbing and electrical work. New lighting or outlets for hair dryer may require new wiring.

Many models of point-of-use water heaters operate on standard 120v current and have easy plumbing hook-ups. Keep in mind that too many heating elements running at the same time can cause problems.

You can make your limited space look and feel a lot larger than it is and make it an efficient and inviting place without knocking out any walls. All it takes careful planning and ability to live with chaos for a short while.

Best String Trimmer Comparison

string trimmer or also known as line trimmer, weed whacker or weed eater is a type of tool that utilizes flexible mono-filament line as a substitute for blades in cutting weeds, grasses and other plants that you want to remove.  It usually comprised of a head for cutting at the end-part of the long shaft that contains handle for great comfort.

If you are about to purchase a type of string trimmer for your gardening works, then it is advisable to know first its different types. Usually, this product has 3 main types and it includes the following:

  • Battery: This is a type of string trimmer that functions through the use of rechargeable batteries. It is usually cordless type. So, it can be utilized anywhere inside your garden or yard.
  • Electric: Some string trimmers are corded type. So, it has wires to be connected from the gadget to the outlet. It uses electricity to function. But, you can also recharge the batteries and use it to your future works.
  • Gas-powered:  This type is quite expensive, but it provides high performance level. It has a huge tank which can be filled with gas for optimal function.

Any of these three types are good to use for your gardening tasks. However, you need to choose if what particular type is necessary to your needs and wants.

What is the Best String Trimmer?

If you are still looking for the best string trimmer in the marketplace, then you may upgrade now your ways and approaches on how you trim weeds and grasses in your garden. Actually, there are so many types of string trimmers which will be good for you since there is a wide array of selections when it comes to this kind of product. Keep in touch on the succeeding discussions and you will be able to know more about the top 3 products that are nice for you.

Top 3 Best Choice for You

Now, are you highly satisfied? If yes, then it is now the time to move forward and explore the top rated and quality products to be used in your gardening works. We have narrowed down your choices depending on the features, warranty period and customer satisfaction. Thus, we arrived at the top 3 string trimmers which will be nice for you. Please refer to the following product reviews.

Earthwise CVPH41018 18-Inch 2.8 Amp Electric 2-in-1 Pole/Hand Held Hedge Trimmer

One of the perfect tools that is very helpful to your gardening works is the Earthwise CVPH41018. It can be extended up to 12-ft. Also, it is adjustable up to 6 positions for cutting. Also, this kind of electric string trimmer can be easily converted to a hand-held trimmer that contains 18-inches blade for cutting.

If you also tend to purchase this kind of string trimmer in the market, then you need to explore first its remarkable features. It is mainly because you can decide whether the product is apt for you or not. For your reference, the following lists are the common best features of the product:

  • It can be used in dual design. It has 18 inches pole hedge trimmer that can provide you more comfort when utilizing the gadget.
  • It can be rotated in 5 positions. Its rotating head is consists of 150 degrees.
  • It offers 2 section of fiberglass pole (lightweight) that contains soft grip for great comfort.
  • It has 120 V/ 60 Hz 2.8 Amp. So, you can make sure that the engine will run up to its optimal function.

Most of the gardeners utilize this kind of string trimmer for it gives them more benefits and convenience. Because of this, this kind of product is highly recognized by many people. With its popularity, this product receives an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 stars. It is only an indication that this kind of string trimmer is relatively good for any gardening works that you have. For more details and information about the product, you may take a look at the actual product review in any reliable site.

Black & Decker 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Trimmer/Edger

Another great tool for your gardening tasks is the Black & Decker Lithium-Ion Trimmer/Edger. Using this tool can give you more benefits and advantages since it has numerous features that are good for your choice. If you are after for great results for your lawn lots and for your whole garden, then this product must be your priority. For you to know more about its great benefits for you and for all the users, you should know first its best features. The best features of this product are the following lists:

  • Convertible to edger – Since it can be easily converted from trimmer to edger, you can even cut along driveways and sidewalks. This is mainly designed as dual purpose for more convenience.
  • Offers transmission – With this feature, the machine can ultimately deliver more powerwhen cutting grasses and weeds in your garden.
  • Has automatic feed spool – This can make you sure that you will have a continuous work even without bumping or making it stop for some adjustments.
  • Has powerful and light sweeper – It can efficiently clears debris from any hard surfacesin your garden.
  • Offers 20 V lithium ion batteries – It provides long life span that can also retain its charge for about 5 times higher than NiCad.

With these great features that were cited above, you can have a full guarantee that you will be aided with all your tasks inside your yard or garden, including the proper maintenance of the plants and trees that growing in your jurisdiction. If you want to know more about the special attributes and specs of this product, take a glimpse on the product review in Amazon.

Husqvarna 224L 18-Inch 25cc 4-Stroke Professional Straight Shaft String Trimmer

Husqvarna 224L 4-Stroke Straight Shaft String Trimmer is a perfect tool for professional gardeners. The manufacturer designed this kind of product for great convenience and for quality results as well.  Through using the high quality type of string trimmer, you can have an assurance that your gardening works will be done accurately and effectively. So, if you are also after for great results for your gardening works, then you should use Husqvarna 224L as your equipment. These will definitely give your more benefits as it offers best features too. The best features of this product include:

  • Has smart start system – It allows you to use the machine without difficulty. You just need tostart up the engine and push the starter push button so as to run and make the machine function.
  • No fuel mixing – This type of string trimmer doesn’t require you to combine or mix fuel and oil in order to make it function.
  • 25 cc 4 stroke engines – This feature allows you to use the machine very well.
  • Offers air purge system- It removes air from fuel system and carburetor so as to start the machine without further hindrances.
  • Lightweight – This product is also portable since it only weights 11.24 pounds. You will not be so tired when using the product inside your garden due to its lightweight design.
  • Offers 2-year warranty period – This is to ensure that the product that you will buy is really a high quality type. If you will register your product through online, then you can have the chance to extend its warranty period for about 4 years.


If you have some concerns with the trimming on grass or weeds in your garden, then make use of the high quality type of string trimmer. Those high quality string trimmers or the best weed wacker 2014 that can be found in the market can make your weekend tasks more easy and effortless. You need to choose a type of product which will provide you more benefits and advantages so that you will have an assurance that your money will not be put into waste.

If you still want to know the additional special features of the specific product, then you should explore these attributes by visiting the reliable link through online. Amazon would be one of the essential and reliable sites where you can check the actual review of the product. Though we have narrowed down your choices into the top 3 selections of string trimmers, you can still have the opportunity to see the detailed reviews in any reputable site. So, come now and experience the goodness of the string trimmer for your gardening works.

Advantages Of Owning A Colour Printer

A colour printer is commonly used by people who wish to print both color as well as black and white documents. Colour laser printers come manufactured by different brands. There are several advantages associated with the use of colour laser printers.

The foremost advantage of using a colour laser printer is the speed with which it prints. The printing speed of colour laser printers is faster in comparison to inkjet printers. The reason for this is that laser printers are equipped with toners that are filled with powder that allows fast printing. The fast printing speed of colour laser printers is preferred by people who do not have a lot of time to spare.

The paper holding capacity of colour laser printers is far more than an inkjet printer. Inkjet printers have a slower speed therefore it is anticipated that their usage would be limited. Therefore, the paper tray is designed to hold a few pages. On the other hand, when it comes to colour laser printers, the printing volume is estimated to be high due to its fast speed. Colour laser printers are capable of holding up to 2500 pages. This high capacity of course depends on the type and price of the colour laser printer you intend to purchase.

When it comes to large printing volumes, a colour laser printer will be more economical in the long run in comparison to an ordinary inkjet printer. The reason for this is that the colour printer toner is filled with powder instead of ink and will print a large number of pages before requiring a replacement. The inkjet printer on the other hand may come cheap at first, but printing large volumes may be costly as the ink cartridge would require a replacement after every few prints.

The printout quality of colour printers is considered to be good. Such colour printers offer high quality printing when it comes to printing images and graphics. The printouts produced by colour laser printers come out dry. Hence, the quality of the image retains after being printed. In case of inkjet printers, the printout can be smudged, thus altering the quality.

Colour printers come manufactured by different companies and are easily available for purchase. When purchasing a colour printer, you need to refer to different reviews as to check which brand offers the best quality within your designated budget. Furthermore, you can also review the additional costs associated with the maintenance of the machine you intend to purchase.

Breast Pump Buying Guide

Ameda breast pumping system

I started on it when my son was in the hospital for 9 days after he was born and have been using it since. I was able to try the Medela pumping system which I found much harder to clean. I found that there was much less risk of having the milk enter into the pumping system with the Ameda.

I have used my Purely Yours pump in a car and in many other situations during the 8 and 1/2 months of pumping. It si a lightwieght machine with a good amount of power. I take it back and forth to work with me, as well as when I travel.

I love the control and comfort that I have with the length of the pumping cycle and the strength of the suction. I adjust the levels as I have different needs. It was originally recommened to me by my lactation consultant and from reading Breast Pump Reviews. She liked the fact that it has 2 knobs – one for cycle speed, and one for suction strength.

When you fist start pumping, you can set it on a short quick cycle with low suction. This simulates what your baby does when he first attaches to the breast. Then, once let-down begins to happen, you adjust to a longer cycle and stronger suction. It takes me about 15 min to get 2 ounces from each breast.

Breast Pump Reviews top points for buying the Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump:

  • The pump has a dual hygienekit milk collection system.
  • Supplied with an AC power adapter.
  • Comes with a cool ‘n carry tote bag for keeping expressed milk fresh for use when needed.
  • Breast milk is better protected from exposure to the environment.
  • The Ameda Purely Yours pump is a completely closed system. The tubes and motor do not ever touch breast milk, making it perfect for moms who worry about anything nasty getting into the milk (Breast Pump Reviews recommend this feature highly!).
  • Easy to clean and use and light enough to carry easily.
  • Car adapter available for on the go expressing.
  • Small, easy to use and convenient.

I purchased this pump after three frustrating months of attempting to use a manual pump with poor results. I finally decided to spend the big bucks and buy this pump and it has been well worth the money. The first itme I used it I was able to pump at least 4 oz. in the first 3 minutes! My milk production is great now. The system is easy to set up, easy to use use and is pain free!

I sterilize most of the parts in my Express Microwave Steam Sterilizer (Avent). This system takes the stress out of pumping. It is also very quiet compared to other pumps. I love it and recommend it highly.

The suction power of Purely Yours is something else. You can moderate the suction to quite hard and rapid to soft and slow. I consistently got about 8 ounces of milk after 20 min of pumping. Of course, every woman is different with differing results, but don’t be surprised that you get really good results. This machine is great and is highly recommended.

Beach Cruiser Bike Assembly

The seat angle can be altered by loosening the bolt under the seat and tilting the seat up or down to your liking.  Make sure after finding desired seat angle the bolt is securely tightened to ensure your seat will not move during riding.

Beach Cruiser Bike Assembly

Assembling your brand new 2WheelBikes beach cruiser will take approximately 15-20 minutes. Following the below instructions (using the pictures as a guide) will ensure that you can properly and safely assemble your bike. For a detailed Micargi Wire Basket assembly page. Click HereYou will need a few tools to assemble your new cruiser. You will need a Phillips head screw driver, an Alan key with variable sizes (5 and 6), tire pump, scissors, a 15mm wrench and a 14mm wrench (Fig. 1).

**It is always recommend that you have your bike assembled by a professional.**

Fig. 1

It is best to have everything, including tools, ready before you begin. Your bike will be
tightly sealed and packaged (this is to prevent shipping damage), so you will need to
be careful when removing it from the box. The wheels, handlebars, pedals, and seat
post will be all be zip tied together (this is to keep them from being scratched in
transit). The seat and owners manual will be in the box along with all other
accessories. (See Fig. 2).

Fig. 2

The wheel will be tied to the frame, so you will need to cut that tie, as well as all
2WheelBikes Cruiser!2WheelBikes Cruiser!

Fig. 3

Fig. 4

Fig. 5

Fig. 6

rider. (See Fig. 7) Finally, tighten the bolt to secure the angle you can move on to the
rider. (See Fig. 7) Finally, tighten the bolt to secure the angle you can move on to the
next step.

If your bike comes with fenders, now is the time to install them. Flip the bike upside
down so it rests on the seat and the handle bars. Place the front fender in between the
front fork so that the notch on the fender is behind the fork, and can be fastened by the
screw where the fork splits. Now screw the fender brackets on the ends of the fork with
the screws attached to the fork ends. (See Fig 8)

Loosen the axle bolts so you can attach the front wheel to the axle. Loosen the bolts
enough to allow the fork to slide on to the wheel. The washers should be on the outside
of the axle and frame. After you have slid the wheel on to the forks,  tighten the bolts by
hand. Use a wrench to ensure that the bolts are securely snug and make sure both
sides are equally tight. (See Fig. 9)** Please be sure the front fork is angled forward. During packaging it is angled
backwards for shipping reasons only.**

Fig. 9

The next step is to attach the pedals. One will say “L” and one will say “R”. (See Fig. 10).
It is crucial that the correct pedal goes on the correct side, otherwise the pedals will lock
up and not be able to be removed! The left pedal will screw on in a counter clockwise
motion (backwards from normal) , and the right will screw on in a clockwise motion. It is
imperative that the pedals are tight to avoid injury on the road! To ensure the pedal is
secure, use a wrench to fully tighten. Now flip the bike over and put the kick stand down
so your bike can stand on its own.

Finally make sure to inflate the tires to their proper air pressure which is usually
between 35 and 40 psi. Please check the tires on your new cruiser for exact pressure
specifications. DO NOT OVER INFLATE. (See Fig. 11).

Fig. 10

Fig. 11

Now your bike should be fully assembled.(See Fig 12.) Simply remove the rest of the
protective packaging and you are ready to enjoy your new 2wheelbike Cruiser!

Fig. 12

Fig. 7

From there, you will need to install the handlebars.  First loosen the top stem bolt by
turning the stem of the handlebars counter clockwise no more than 3 times. The
handlebars will fit into the hole at the top of the fork quite easily. Insert stem to the
desired height (you may need to do this more than once to accommodate a new rider’s
height).  There will be a mark on the stem-do not raise the handlebars above this mark
for safety reasons! After deciding on the height that is most comfortable for the rider, you
will need to tighten the bolt on top of the handlebars using an Alan wrench (#6 hex key
for handlebars). (See Fig. 6).

Fig. 8

To begin assembly, you will need to attach the seat post to your seat, and then the seat
to your cruiser. Drop the post into the seat post hole located on the bottom of the seat
and tighten with a 14mm wrench. (See Fig. 4). After the seat post is tightened on to the
seat, you will have to flip over the seat/post unit and insert it into the frame hole. After
finding the desired height of your seat (which will vary by the height and comfort level of
the rider) you will use the Alan key to tighten the attached screw and securely fasten the
seat to your cruiser. (#5 hex key for seat post) (See Fig. 5). Make surer it is securely
tightened to avoid the seat moving while riding.

To figure out proper seat height: When sitting on the seat in riding position, the knee should be slightly bent while the ball of the foot is resting on the pedal at its lowest

Advantages of Wagons for Kids

Having wagons for kids to use, ride in and play with has it’s advantages. As children get older it gets more difficult to transport them in carriages or strollers. Add the packages that result from a walk to the grocery store and a wagon is a ideal solution

Today’s wagons for kids are a far cry from the wagons of old. The famous Radio Flyer is still in vogue. It still comes in the basic red model we are probably all familiar with. Other companies, such as John Deere and Step 2, have entered the market for kids wagons. There are now many models to choose from and each has it’s advantages.

Safety for our kids is the primary concern when choosing a wagon. The age of the children will be a big determinate in which maker and model is chosen. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has information on safety issues with kids wagons.

Wagon models today have many safety features. Some come with high sides so they look like bathtubs. Some have doors for easy entry and exiting. This allows the children easy access without climbing over the rails of a wagon.

The tires used on the newer models are better constructed and come in more designs. Live in a urban or suburban area? Will the wagon be used primarily on paved streets and sidewalks? There is a tire for that. Will the wagon be used in a sandy or over grass and dirt? There are tires for that terrain as well.

The materials used in the construction of the wagons has kept up with the times. Steel and wood models are available. Models crafted from the latest is plastics and alloys are also available. If the wagon is to be exposed to the weather, these are a good pick. The advantage is they have rustproof bodies and the metal parts are rust resistant. They also stand up well to the wear and tear young children can afflict on a kids wagon.

The intended use of the wagon must also be considered. Is it meant to primarily used for giving the kids a ride? If the children are younger they might like a model with high sides and a canopy roof for sun protection.

How about for children a little older? They might be using it to do chores or move things around. Like helping Mom in the garden. A wagon like the traditional Radio Flyer might be a good choice.

Have more than one child? A wagon may be the ideal solution to transporting two children safely and conveniently. Seat-belted into a two-seater with a canopy for sun protection they have room to move a bit. And it’s fun to be pulled in a wagon.

Another advantage of a wagon is it can be used as a teaching tool. Children can be taught the responsibility of taking care of something. A wagon is fun and easy for a child to take care of.

A important advantage of having a wagon for kids is for the adults. We all need some exercise and giving our children wagon rides is a good way to get it. Kid’s generally like wagon rides and have lots of fun. Adults get to spend time with their kids while they are having fun. Unlike a stroller or carriage, children freer to move around and see what is going on around them.

Basic Dishwasher Installation Tips

Installing a built-in dishwasher requires basic mechanical, electrical, and plumbing skills, so the average handy person can install a dishwasher in 1 to 3 hours depending on if it is a new installation or a replacement dishwasher. If you are replacing an existing dishwasher, it will take less time.

New Installation

1. Prepare the cabinet area in which the dishwasher will be installed. The opening should be 24 inches wide for most models, 24 inches deep and 34 1/2″ from the floor to the underside of the countertop. The back wall can not have pipes or wires on it. The power and water supply lines will come into the cabinet in the 4″X4″ area at the bottom back of the cabinet through a 1 1/2″ hole. Make sure the floor is level and the cabinet is squared.

2. Choose your drain method based on your local codes and height of the drain tee. Some codes require an air gap. If the drain tee is less than 18 inches from the floor, you must use an air gap. If an air gap is not required and the tee is over 18 inches from the floor, you can use the loop method for the drain connection. If the drain hose will be connected to a garbage disposal, you have to remove the knock out plug so that the dishwasher will drain.

3. Inspect or install wiring by making sure there is a 120V, 60Hz dedicated circuit with a 15 or 20-amp breaker or time delay fuse. Wiring has to be 2 wire with a ground and rated for 75 degrees Celsius or 176 degrees Fahrenheit. The wiring can come into the cabinet from either side in the rear bottom area. The hole should be a maximum of 1 1/2″, and it can be the same hole used the the water supply line and drain hose if its being hardwired. If it is a flexible power cord, it must have a separate hole. Hardwiring cable will come up the right side along the bottom 24 inches of the cabinet to the right front electrical connection on the dishwasher.

4. Prepare the water supply line that enters through the 1 1/2″ hole in the rear bottom of the cabinet. Turn off the water to install a hand shut-off valve under the sink. The water connection is on the left side of the dishwasher. Use 3/8″ O.D. copper line to extend a minimum of 19 inches from the rear wall. The water heater should be set between 120 and 150 degrees (closer to 120 if children are in the home to prevent scalding accidents) and the pressure should be between 20-120 PSI.

5. Prepare the dishwasher by checking the door balance and adjusting the spring tension if necessary. If the legs have to be attached, do that close to where it will be installed.

6. Connect the drain hose to the dishwasher’s drain port if it did not come factory-installed. Position the electrical wiring and water supply lines so that the base of the dishwasher will not catch them. Slide the dishwasher in front of the opening so that you can feed the drain hose through the hole you drilled for it.

7. Inch-by-inch slide the dishwasher into the cabinet as you fee the drain hose through its hole. Stop with a few inches left and make sure nothing is kinked or pinched. If all is in good order, push the dishwasher all the way in so that the edges of the door are behind the cabinet frame. Test the door for smooth opening and closing.

8. Level the dishwasher front to back and side to side by adjusting the leveling legs.

9. Align the brackets and secure the dishwasher to the countertop according the manufacturer’s instructions.

10. Through the access panel, connect the water supply line and electrical supply. Also connect the drain hose under the sink. You are ready to do a wet test with the “rinse only”

cycle. Check for leaks and proper draining.

Replacing an Existing Dishwasher

You will not need to drill the holes since they will already be there from the existing dishwasher. However, you do need to inspect the wiring and plumbing to make sure they are capable of servicing the new dishwasher. Once that is established you should turn the power off at the main and turn the water supply off before beginning the removal of the old dishwasher. All lines and wires must first be disconnected. Take the drain hose off the garbage disposal or drain pipe under the sink. If the dishwasher has a power cord, you need to unplug it. If the dishwasher is hardwired, you have to open the access panel and electrical junction box. Remove the wire nuts and disconnect the black and white wires. Also remove the ground screw to disconnect the green ground wire. Use a catch pan while disconnecting the water supply line. Once all of these lines and wires have been disconnected, you can take out the screws and brackets that hold the dishwasher in its place and carefully pull out the old dishwasher.

Then follow the same procedures to install the new dishwasher with the exception of drilling the holes and running the wiring and water supply lines.

Once you have installed your new dishwasher and tested it for leaks, you are ready to start cleaning.

Heaters And Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

All heaters that use fossil fuels, including kerosene heaters, produce by products of the combustion process that include carbon monoxide (CO), which is an odourless, colorless, tasteless and poisonous gas.

Carbon monoxide can the restrain the blood’s capability of transporting vital oxygen to body tissues including the brain and heart. When CO is breathed in, carboxyhemoglobin (COHb) is produced, as the blood absorbs the toxic gas. However, when CO is combined with hemoglobin, hemoglobin is then unable to carry any further oxygen.

CO is measured in parts per million (PPM). The amount of COHb in the blood depends on the amount of CO inhaled and the amount of time exposed to CO. COHb has a long half-life of approximately 5 hours that increases the exposure of CO. In essence, what this means is that whatever the level of COHb in the blood, it will require around 5 hours to reduce the level of carboxyhemoglobin by fifty percent after exposure to CO has ended.

The table below demonstrates the symptoms associated with different amounts of COHb concentrations.

Level of COHb Symptoms
10% No symptoms. Heavy tobacco smokers blood may have as much as 9% COHb.
15% Slight headache.
25% Strong headache with sickness. Reasonably fast recovery after oxygen treatment and/or fresh air.
30% Symptoms increase. Possible long term effects particularly in the case of newborns, children, the elderly, pregnant women and individuals with cardiovascular disease.
40% Loss of consciousness.
50%+ Fatal.

Carboxyhemoglobin levels are very difficult to evaluate outside of scientific or medical surroundings. However, since the toxicity levels of carbon monoxide within the air are expressed in PPM, together with the duration of exposure to CO, the symptoms associated with different amounts of CO concentrations are shown in the table below.

CO Level (PPM) Period Of Time Symptoms
35 8 hours The maximum exposure in any 8 hour period within a workplace.
200 2 to 3 hours Slight headache, fatigue, sickness and light-headedness.
400 1 to 2 hours Strong headache with increasing symptoms. After 3 hours, symptoms become life threatening.
800 45 minutes Light-headedness, sickness and convulsions. Within 2 hours become unconscious. Death may occur within 2 to 3 hours.
1600 20 minutes Strong headache, light-headedness and sickness. Death may occur within 1 hour.
3200 5 to 10 minutes Strong headache, light-headedness and sickness. Death may occur within 1 hour.
6400 1 to 2 minutes Strong headache, light-headedness and sickness. Death may occur within 25 to 30 minutes.
12800 1 to 3 minutes Death.

As demonstrated in the above table, depending on the exposure to CO, symptoms differ and will also be affected by the age and well being of the individual. It must be noted however that, from the table, the most significant recognition of carbon monoxide poisoning is headache, light-headedness and sickness. Unfortunately, people often mistake these symptoms for flu, which often result in an incorrect diagnosis and consequential delay in the correct treatment.

Although manufacturers of kerosene heaters do their utmost to produce a heating appliance that is efficient and clean burning in operation, you must never forget the potential dangers associated with carbon monoxide poisoning. It makes sense to read and adhere to the safety rules contained within the manufacturer’s instructions or user manual and for additional safety, purchase and use a carbon monoxide detector whenever using a kerosene heater indoors.

Beginner Triathlete-Novice Ironman–Don’t Expect Bike Magic

In preparing to take on the challenge of a first Ironman, I believe far too many athletes put too much emphasis on the bike they choose to purchase for the event.

Somewhere along the Ironman trail, many athletes have come to believe that the lighter, and more state of the art the bike, the faster they will finish the bike leg of the Ironman.

Nothing could be further from the truth. For example: You could put one athlete on a ,000 bike and have him train without the aid of a proper diet or without paying attention to proper hydration choices and repacement drinks and the Ironman will spit him out like a cherry pit somewhere around mile 80 on the bike course.

Take another athlete and put him on a 0 reliable, average weight, used bike fitted with proper pedals and aero bars. Then have him pay particular attention all training year to proper diet, hydration, and raceday fueling techniques and somewhere around mile 80 of the same course he will call out “nice bike” as he passes athlete number one who is in for a very long, painful day.

Don’t get all wrapped up in taking out a second mortgage so you can buy that “special” bike that is 6 ounces lighter than anything on the road. After all, you’re going to be loading 5 pounds of water and food and gear on the thing before you even get out of transition. This is not your normal bike race. If you were just racing a bike century and that’s it, then that might be a different story. But that’s not the nature of this beast.

First of all you’ve most likely been bashed around for an hour or so in a wild free-for-all swim and for most of that time your heart-rate has been racing out of control. Plus, you still have a full marathon to consider after you get off the bike.

Your bike is just a small part of the Ironman equation. Don’t get too wrapped up in light and fancy and expensive. I know, I’ve done that.

I had my best bike leg ever and my first thought was to fix up the old bike and keep racing it. However, I let my bike supplier talk me into buying a fancier, newer model that was so much lighter that I would go even faster. I never, never matched my fastest bike ride over the next 10 years. Even on bikes valued 10 times more than my old standby. It was probably the biggest single mistake I made in my 20 year Ironman career. I should have gone with my very first instinct.

For some reason, a bike will just suit you. It suits your style, ability and “fits” you like that favorite pair of runners. When this happens, hang on to that bike. If you have to, save it mainly for races and get a second bike for the bulk of your training. That way your race-day bike will last you for years.

I’ve raced on more than one high-end bike that I was just never comfortable on, no matter how light and fast they were supposed to be. At first it may seem cool to be the recipient of envious gazes from fellow triathletes when they see you on your bike the week leading up to the race. You are the bike “king”.

Believe me, its not so cool when these same athletes pass you out on the course with those dreaded words left in their wake. “Nice bike.”

Every time you hear that, you will want to sink further and further into your bike seat. You will wish you were on a 0 beater. At least that way you reason, you would have an excuse for getting passed over and over again. There is nowhere to hide out there.

To save yourself a ton of embarrasment and humiliation, be sure that your ability matches the bike you ride.

All my bikes are gone now, except for one. That same old bike is in my living room on a wind-trainer and if I decide to do this amazing race once again, when I turn 60, four years from now–it will be on a very special, 16 year old bike.

Know More about Lower Back Pain Treatment

Many specialists have come up with different methods of lower back pain treatment, but it is always good to know what the causes of this problem are, as it affects at least 70% of adults at some point in their lives. Lower back pain is said to be caused by strain on the muscles and soft tissues of the spine. It can also arise from other organs within the abdomen, pelvis, and bladder infections. Normal pregnancy may also be the cause as nerves on the lower back are strained. As a result of this, lower back pain treatment may vary depending on what the cause is.

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Therefore, while visiting the health centre or any other place in search of treatment; you should be able to clearly identify the symptoms so that the doctor is in a position to do the diagnosis properly. The pain is usually classified depending on how long it lasts, as some pain will just come and go. Lower back pain treatment therefore may vary from self home care treatment, medication to surgery depending on the cause of the problem. In home care you are advised to undertake exercises that will help you relax the muscles and ease the pain, and total bed rest of up to 2 days may be recommended.

lower back pain treatmentDoctors also recommend surgery as a part of the lower back pain treatment in case the pain is quite severe. Such severe pain is usually caused by the abnormalities of organs near the abdomen. However, if the pain is due to pregnancy, pelvic – tilt exercises will be recommended as the main treatment. Generally women are advised to maintain physical conditioning to manage the pain. Spinal manipulation in another kind of treatment and it is given to non pregnant adults. It is usually applied when the cause of back pain is not known.

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There are however several therapies that are known for the management of lower back pain. Acupuncture is one of those therapies. Patients who undergo this process show a lot of improvement with time. Massage of different kinds is also another lower back pain treatment and this can be given to even pregnant women. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) using TENS machines is also effective in pain that is not chronic. Heat application has also been found to have great benefits to patients. Yoga is very beneficial to people who are seeking lower back pain treatment.