Otoscope – Fiberoptic Otoscopes

BRAND New Professional TRUE FIBER-OPTIC Diagnostic Otoscope Set including 9 specula (5-4mm adult and 4-2.5mm pediatric) and a handsome and very protective snap-shut case that surrounds your otoscope in a shock resistant soft foam lining.

Once you have used a Professional Fiber Optic type instrument you will never want to use any other type again!Welch Allyn® has swiched to all FIBER-OPTIC otoscopes for good reason!!  PLEASE NOTE that this is the latest model , BRAND NEW, and of sturdy chrome-plated brass construction.  It contains a lens with 4X magnification that is of optical quality and made of ascratch resistant GLASS.

Many of the lesser quality otoscopes contain acrylic lens that will easily scratch with use over time. The lens is hinged and swings aside for cleaning and easy access.  It also has an AIRTIGHT seal for reliable testing of tympanic membrane mobility using an insuflation bulb. It’s uses Distal Fiber Optic (F.O.) illuminationwithXHL Xenon-Halogen Technologyfor it’s light source which creates Bright shadow-free light without reflexes. You will be very impressed with the way this otoscope looks and performs.


The light source in the fiber-optic unit is protected from the external environment. Light travels via a fiber-optic pathway out the end of the otoscope to exactly where you need the light without a bulb obscuring your line of sight through the lens. Bulb life is increased substantially since it is protected within the otoscope body instead of sticking out in the open in front of the lens.

Exposed Halogen bulbs go out very frequently and are very expensive to purchase. The Fiber Optic otoscope also uses standard disposable specula. Disposable specula can also be cleaned and re-used if you are using the otoscope among the same family. More importantly if you want to use your otoscope in any type professional capacity or want to later sell it to someone who might want to use it professionally then you will need the ability to use disposable specula with your otoscope.

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