Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with Shoulder Bag

Product Description
An electricretailpump with research-based and hospital proven, 2-Phase Expression Technology for more milk in less time. 2-Phase Expression is an advancedpumping pattern that mimics a baby’s naturalnursing pattern and consists of two phases, the Stimulation phase with fast and light sucking to start milk flowing and Expression phase, slower sucking with more vacuum to express more milk gently and efficiently. First researched and developed for hospital-grade breastpumps, this technology is now available for personal-use pumps.

Features and Benefits:

* Stimulation phase: Simulates your baby’s initial rapid suckling to initiate faster milk flow. * Expression phase: Simulates your baby’s slower, deeper suckling for maximum milk flow in less time. * Feels more like your baby than any other retailpump * One-touch ‘let-down’ button designed for faster milk flow * Customized pumping with adjustable speed and vacuum control * Stylish bag contains everything your need to pump * Battery Pak for pumping anywhere, anytime * IMPORTANT: This product is a single user item. Use by more than one user may pose a health risk, performance questions, and voids the warranty. * Chosen for you and your baby – All parts that come into contact with breastmilk are BPA/DEHP Free *For single or double pumping. What’s Included : * Convenient shoulder bag design * Battery Pak (8AA batteries not included) * Removable cooler carrier * 4 collection containers & lids * 2-24mm PersonalFit™ Breastshields * 2 valves * 4 membranes * Cooling element * Instructions


  • Daily use breastpump with electric, battery, or manual operation

  • “Natural Expression two-stage system that simulates baby’s actual nursing patterns

  • Double or single pumping

  • Stylish black microfiber shoulder bag

  • Adjustable suction/vacuum

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