Inflatable Kayak Review – Sea Eagle 330 Kayak Deluxe Package

Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak with Deluxe Package

Inflatable Kayak the Sea Eagle is rated five stars and has a huge amount of reviews sixty-eight in all I found. They now have changed the pinch valves to Boston’s and most people really like this improvement. These are very inexpensive inflatable kayaks.  But one of the people said it weighed a bit more than the stated weight but that may just mean better quality to me anyway.  Most said the material used in this inflatable Kayak is stronger than it looks. The compact storage and easy to carry feature is one of the biggest selling points of this Kayak it is said to be too small for two big adults to ride in comfort and really enjoy. But some of the users took it to the beach on their motor bikes easily so it has a lot of good points that over balance any flaws.

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak

Inflatable Kayak Reviews

Inflatable Kayak the Intex Challenger has four stars and a whopping forty seven reviews that in itself says a lot about this Kayak.

Some of the great features that were raved about are:

– Inflation is very fast with the included high efficiency hand/foot pump. There are four air chambers, and the kayak has never taken more than about 4 minutes to inflate. I throw the pump into the kayak behind my seat when we take off, just in case I need to top up later (which I never have had to do).

– Storage and transport are a breeze. The inflatable kayak stores in a small, cloth travel case about twice the size of a briefcase. At 25 pounds, it is relatively light weight. Once I had to carry the kayak about 0.5 miles to get to the river, and hauling that weight was not a big deal. I have carried the inflated kayak a few blocks hanging it on my shoulder, and it was easy to carry.

– The bungee cord storage area in the front is great for carrying a fanny pack, water bottle, sandals, spare paddle, etc. Also, there was more storage space behind the seat.

– Maneuvering is very easy, great for river use. There are two small plastic skegs (about the size of your open palm) under the boat to add a little directional stability. The skegs are at the center of the boat, which allows you to rotate easily while still maintaining a fairly consistent non-zig-zag rowing pattern. If this kayak were strictly for lake use, I think rear skegs would work better, but they would also restrict quick turning.

– Buoyancy is very good. The inflatable kayak tend to bottom out on sand bars when there is less than 6″ of water. Primarily, it is the skegs that hit since they are located directly below where you sit. But, hey, 6″ of water clearance is not bad.

– The included paddles are good quality, but seemed a little short (they are 86″). After my first trip, I went to a local sporting goods store and bought 96″ paddles, which worked much better.

– The vinyl construction seems good. However, one of my inflatable kayak developed a leak (and later a rip due to my stupidity in not following repair instructions). I have since fixed the rip using VINYL cement (available at any awning supply store). The vinyl repair kit included with the kayak should be adequate for any small leaks you put in the kayak. I feel confident the kayak will last a long time (especially now that I know how easy it is to repair even a major issue like a rip which I helped cause). However, I am not sure I would take the kayaks into serious white water.

– You will get a little wet with any inflatable kayak, so wear a swim suit or nylon shorts. In calm water, most of the water gets in if you aren’t careful when you launch or disembark. Carrying a small hand towel is a good idea, both for keeping your hands and sitting area dry, as well as wiping down the kayak after the trip to clean off any dirt or water prior to storage.

Sevylor Inflatable Sit-On-Top Kayak, 2-Person

Inflatable Kayak the Sevylor two person is a four .five star rated Kayak with another really great thirty three reviews. The price on Amazon is under $150. So it is a lot of Kayak for the dollar.

This is a sample of the quality use reviews:

“This is my first inflatable kayak. Loved it. So easy to transport. No trailer or roof racks needed. Says kayak will take over 500 pounds. Bought a high volume 12 volt Kwi pump with alligator clamps to spare 12v car battery on shore. Kayak has 8 heavy duty chambers for safety. If one accidentally deflates no big deal. Inflated kayak in 2 minutes/deflate in 2 minutes. This is so relaxing. Easily carried by one average person. Just casually inflate….no hurry up stress backing up a trailer and off loading in a heavy used area. Bing, bang, boom, your quickly enjoying your inflatable kayak.

I have lots of arthritis, so it was so comfortable sitting on air… great seats. I’m 220lbs. Sat in the back seat. Enough free board so even choppy 1/2 foot waves did not get in kayak, just a little water from the paddling. Got a wet butt that’s all. I felt very secure with my life vest on sitting in the back inflatable seat.

Even has 2 soda can/plastic bottled water holders, a small cargo net on the bow and holders on side to push your paddles in for temporary storage on the water. It’s enough for me”

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