Garden hose holder – Information and tips

A garden hose holder is vital when you use a hose to water your garden. It will keep your garden hose neat and will decrease the chance of tangles or a kink that in the least can stop the water flowing but at worst can damage or even break your hose.

There are many types and forms of garden hose holders but they can be separated into two main categories: a wall mounted or a free standing garden hose holder. Both have their advantages and disadvantages depending on how large your garden is and where your water source is located.

The variety of hose holders you can get is huge, even a simple hook attached to a wall could be regarded as a garden hose holder wall mount. The more elaborate ones, and usually more expensive as well, hold the entire hose inside a container. Some even have an internal system to automatically retract and extend the hose while you do your gardening.

A brand new garden hose still in it’s wrapping, if you want to keep it neat then be sure to use a garden hose holder

Types of garden hose holders:

–         Basic garden hose holders – these are simple hooks or something similar where you can rest your hose. They can be attached to a wall or placed in the ground.

–         Wall mounted hose reels – these can wind and release the hose when it is needed, some by hand and some automatically. Usually they need to be placed near the water source for ease of use.

–         Garden hose pot – this type stands on the ground like a pot and you will need to wind the hose into the pot yourself.

–         Hose reel carts – the most versatile of the lot as you can wind up the hose and move it where you see fit. Some can be used or converted so you can mount the cart to the wall.

The functionality of an item doesn’t mean it cannot look good, there are also many choices if you want to find a decorative garden hose holder. Usually they are made of metal and come in various shapes and sizes. If you are up for it you might even make your own!

The materials used to make a garden hose holder are fairly limited, most are either made from metal or plastic. The garden hose pot is also available in Terra Cotta.

When you look at the variety and materials you can choose from you can safely say that there is a garden hose holder for every budget. Regardless of the type and price every garden hose holder will help you keep your hose in better condition than without one. If you do not have one yet it’s time to go out and get one.

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