Review/Editorial Policy

Pledge of Unabridged Honesty and Integrity: No ZonaBlade post, review, feature, article, or content, will ever be influenced by any tool brand, retailer, commercial entity, or any other similar party.

ZonaBlade only considers sample products for review if they are offered or submitted without any expectations, stipulations, or demands of any kind. ZonaBlade does not accept requests for inserted or paid content, nor do we accept compensation for reviews. In other words, we cannot be bought, we cannot be influenced, and our words are our own.

To provide as much transparency as possible, ZonaBlade makes every reasonable effort to disclose the source of all tools reviewed.


Many posts, reviews, and articles contain links that direct you to the websites of manufacturers, retailers, and other external entities. We are not responsible for your experiences once you navigate away from ZonaBlade. Links to external sites should be considered as references and not as recommendations or endorsements, unless explicitly described as otherwise.

ZonaBlade will always attempt to “Guyd” you to the retailer with the lowest price, best business practices, or preferably those that have both qualities.  In accordance with our disclaimer and terms of use, ZonaBlade “recommendations” should still be considered opinion, and you must use your discretion before taking any action or making any decision or purchase based upon any such recommendations.

Some of the product links found on ZonaBlade.com are “affiliate links” through which completed orders may earn us a slight commission. ZonaBlade will never intentionally or knowingly steer you toward any product, retailer, or brand for the sole sake of earning commission. You should not limit yourselves to the non-affiliate and affiliate product links that we provide, and are encouraged to patronize the retailer or distributor of your choice.