Buying an Airbrushed DOT Motorcycle Helmet

Department of Transportation (DOT) approved motorcycle helmets are common in the United States. In fact, DOT certification is the minimum standard a helmet must meet to be sold for the purposes of motorcycle head protection in the US. DOT certification requires that the helmet meet specific standards in terms of durability and protection. These standards are set by the US Department of Transportation. Of course, motorcycle riders who buy DOT certified helmets are concerned with protection, but they are also concerned with style. To that end they may opt for an airbrushed DOT motorcycle helmet to serve both purposes well.

An airbrushed DOT motorcycle helmet combines protection and style and can do so without the cost of high end motorcycle helmets by companies like Yamaha, Arai, and Shoei. Airbrushing designs on motorcycle helmets goes back to the fifties, but the popularity of the art form was not truly realized until the early seventies when airbrushed artwork became an en vogue style for both motorcycle helmets and vans, when it was very common for fantasy style art to be airbrushed on the sides.

The popularity of airbrushing on vans and motorcycle helmets waned by the mid eighties and is almost never seen on vans today (especially since vans have largely been replaced by SUVs), but many bikers still choose airbrushed designs for their helmets.

Airbrushed DOT motorcycle helmets typically feature familiar biker artwork airbrushed on the helmet shell. Things like snakes, Harley-Davidson logos, alcoholic beverage logos (Jack Daniels and Budweiser, anyone?), and rock band logos are common, as are stylized designs based on the bikers name, religious imagery, and flames.

It is harder to find airbrushed helmets today because so many of the newer motorcycle helmets being produced have wild and flashy colors in crazed patterns added by the manufacturers themselves, especially in racing style helmets and dirt motorcycle helmets. In most cases, bikers who want to have an airbrushed DOT motorcycle helmet must purchase a solid colored helmet and then hire an airbrush artist to perform the design work for them or, if they are artistically inclined, they can do the airbrushing themselves.

Pre-airbrushed DOT motorcycle helmets do exist, however, but the biker must visit a specialty shop to purchase one in many cases. These may cost a little more and the biker loses the ability to have the design done to his specifications, but the artwork itself is often quite stunning. The internet may also be a source for motorcycle helmets with airbrushed designs and buying online almost always means buying for less.

A biker with internet access is likely to find a helmet sale online with a Google search and a few clicks. Any site that specializes in motorcycle helmet sales is bound to have some type of airbrushed helmets which also meet DOT standards and online auction sites such as Ebay and its biggest competitor, Yahoo! Auctions are also a good bet for those seeking an airbrushed DOT motorcycle helmet.

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