Big Ideas For A Small Bathroom Remodeling

Living with a small bathroom doesn’t have to be an inconvenience. If you’re planning a small bathroom renovation project, there are many things you can do to make a small space more comfortable and attractive. Here are some tips that, with a little effort and usually minimal investment in labor and money, can give you what you want.

It’s in the planning
You can do as my neighbor Pat did. She started out by collecting clips from magazines and catalogs, color swatches, window treatment – right down to the drawer pulls and faucets. You could tell that by the time she got down to sketching out the room, she knew how her new bathroom was going to look.

This preparation is important when working with a small bathroom design and remodeling project, you want to be sure you’re making best use of every square inch of space.

For Pat, one of the improvements she wanted to make was the elimination of the annoying wait for hot water to reach bathroom sink. For her the answer was a small hot water heater that would fit under the sink. These are very small water heating units that are easy to install in a bathroom vanity and provide instant hot water.

How it will look
While shopping for cabinets or fixtures, including towel bars, avoid the very dark or heavy pieces and opt, instead, for white or light wood colored cabinets and the lighter weight towel bars and accessories. They are much less likely to make a small space look weighed down.

Use soft or neutral colors. Paints and wallpapers in lighter colors will open up the space and give a feeling of more room. Woodwork and moldings painted to match the walls will also provide the illusion of space.

Remember that with any small bathroom fitting project, mirrors can do wonders for creating a feeling of space. Two mirrors placed opposite each other will give the illusion of a very large open space. Place a large mirror on the longest wall of your bathroom, where it can best reflect the most light Continue The Illusion

If you’re fortunate enough to have a window in your small bathroom, take advantage of the light. Windows, with little or no trim, such as a lace curtain or a valance, will allow for the most light and make your bathroom look larger.

Another solution might be to use mini-blinds that can be opened to let in the maximum amount of light or closed for privacy. Consider frosting your window instead of installing an actual window treatment. You will gain privacy without any loss of light.

Use scaled down fixtures when remodeling a small bathroom. Large chunky fixtures look out of place in a small bathroom. A pedestal sink is a nice option for a small bathroom though you may have to come up with new storage ideas. However, this might be as simple as placing a storage unit over the toilet. Also, if you don’t use your tub, consider replacing it with a new glass-enclosed shower stall.

When doing the hammer and saw part of this project is the time to take care of any plumbing and electrical work. New lighting or outlets for hair dryer may require new wiring.

Many models of point-of-use water heaters operate on standard 120v current and have easy plumbing hook-ups. Keep in mind that too many heating elements running at the same time can cause problems.

You can make your limited space look and feel a lot larger than it is and make it an efficient and inviting place without knocking out any walls. All it takes careful planning and ability to live with chaos for a short while.

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