All Recumbent Trikes for Grown Ups

Have you noticed the great rise in popularity of recumbent tricycles? It can easily be explained with their total stability blended with comfort and effectiveness. Whether you are an enthusiastic rider with special needs or a competitive long distance rider a recumbent tricycle may be just the solution for you. Get on oen and you are ready to go, with no slow learning curve or heavy clunky tricycle. The best part is that you will not take a tumble if you hit gravel or some other small obstacle in the road.

They also give you a great advantage in hill climbing. Since you have greater stability you don’t need to maintain a high speed to keep your balance. Many people have trouble sustaining the speed necessary to keep them upright and end up walking their bicycles up a hill. Using one allows you to take the hill at your own pace, and even stop and rest if you feel like it.

The stability of a three wheel recumbent tricycles gives you the flexibility to move onto a soft shoulder of the road when faced with a large vehicle bearing down on you. You don’t need to worry about the dangerous situation of having a car pass to close by because you are afraid to lose you balance by pulling onto the shoulder.

There are two main types of them. The delta model has one wheel in the front and two in back while the tadpole model has two wheels in the front and one in the back. Tadpole tricycles often will have a larger gear range and are more aerodynamic due to the lower seat for the rider. The delta models tend to make getting up and down easier due to their higher seat. You will also often find a shorter turning radius with the delta model.

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