Day: November 10, 2017

Best Mountain Bike Accessories You Shouldnt Do Without

No doubt, mountain bike accessories can make you look better and more professional. But did you know that beyond making a fashion statement, these mountain bike accessories can also help you amp up your performance? Mountain bike accessories are both fashionable and functional. They can offer better performance and better safety.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the science behind these mountain bike accessories and what makes them essential for the serious rider.

1. Mountain bike helmets – The purpose of the mountain bike helmet is pretty obvious. It can help prevent serious head injuries from falls and crashes. Wearing one is always a non negotiable regardless of your skill level.

2. Mountain bike shoes – When it comes to navigating tough terrain, or speeding through a race, control of your bike is very important. This is what makes mountain bike shoes so special. Mountain bike shoes come with cleats that work with the pedal of your mountain bike, making sure you maintain control of your bike in those crucial moments.

3. Gloves – More on the topic of control, you have the bike gloves. These gloves are specially designed to help you maintain your grip on your bike. With these gloves, sweaty slippery palms won’t stop you from tackling tricky terrains.

4. GPS – GPS stands for global positioning system. Getting lost in an unfamiliar trail becomes a thing of the past with a GPS system. It’s a must have mountain bike accessory for serious mountain bike riders.

5. Cycling jacket – Not only does it look great, a cycling jacket will also feature streamlined cuts that help you run with the wind and not against it. There are different additional and useful features offered on top of your average cycling jackets. You have waterproof jackets, “night vision” jackets, jackets to keep you warm in winter, and jackets to keep you cool while riding.

6. Cycling shorts – cycling shorts are designed to be streamlined and comfortable. In cold weather, they keep you warm. When riding hard, they keep you cool. Cycling shorts come in bib designs too, to make sure the shorts never slip out of place. Special fabric makes sure you don’t slip out of your saddle.

7. Bike LED front light – Make sure you always see what’s in front of you, even when biking at dusk, dawn or at night. And also equally important, let oncoming traffic easily spot you and steer clear.

8. Bike LED read light – This accessory is useful to making sure other bikes and vehicles coming from behind can actually see you. Installing LED rear light improves visibility, which improves safety.

9. Bike jersey – This isn’t just your ordinary t-shirt. Cycling jerseys are designed to give you a streamlined and comfortable form while riding.